Welcome to OddMass

jour·nal·ism noun \ˈjər-nə-ˌli-zəm\b :  writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation

re·view noun \ri-ˈvyü\: an act of carefully looking at or examining the quality or condition of something or someone : examination or inspection

Welcome to OddMass, a fresh perspective on what your typical review and content site can offer, featuring growing Twitch.tv and YouTube content creators, as well as original written content with an emphasis on accurate information and professionalism.

More importantly, we’re hardware enthusiasts and gamers who grew tired of 10-point scale grading systems, questionable reviews, and a growing emphasis on ‘what name can I make for myself’ rather than ‘how can I provide the best information possible’. If, over the past few years, you’ve grown tired of visiting a collection of sites to read multiple opinion-heavy reviews on a single product in order to sift through the marketing hype, product ignorance, and sales pitches – we hope you enjoy what we’re going to be offering.

The following three core elements are the foundation of OddMass:

Our Content Creators, found via their respective profile pages, who provide near daily streaming and pre-recorded content. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with them during their streams, gain additional information on their individual YouTube videos, and get more connected to the person behind the personality via their blogs.

Our Writers, found throughout the Review and Articles sections, who offer content based on quality over quantity. Moving forward, OddMass seeks to elevate the bar of credibility and accuracy within the industry. These efforts will be partially shouldered by our written content as we seek to interact with the various companies whose products we’re covering to get the latest information and fact check our work. Additionally, written content won’t be constrained by word count – allowing for the complete review to be written instead of relying on cherry-picked elements.

Our Community, you. As a reader, commenter, lurker, viewer, you’re an integral part of the OddMass site. We’re here to provide you with the information you need to make informed choices, or to provide hours of endless entertainment during a Stream. Your thoughts, feedback, and criticisms will help shape the future of OddMass.

We hope that you find the content here worthwhile and enjoyable.  We’re a new site, a growing site, and there will be bumps along the way.  We’d appreciate it if you worked with us as we find our footing, and give us a few extra chances if we happen to mess something up.  We’re not perfect, we’re human.

We’ll be updating our content throughout the day with additional previews and OddMass-related articles.  Additionally, our content creators will finish preparing their profiles.  We have a few more elements to roll out over the coming days, so expect to see a few new pages pop up here and there.

We want to thank everyone for stopping by, and we hope you find our site enjoyable!

– OddMass

PS.  In the event that you use the FireFox web browser, we apologize in advance for any errors you may encounter on the site.  An update was pushed out just last night which appears to be causing some inconsistencies with various internal features.  We’re working diligently to track down workarounds and solutions.