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Gothalion Info

A family man first, a community leader second and a content creator always, Gothalion is not what you would call a typical YouTuber/Streamer/Caster…. except pretty much every caster would call themselves non-typical. CONTRADICTIONS!

Gothalion first began casting and posting videos in mid 2014 focussing on a platform of community interaction and daily content. Primary genre of interest being the Looter Shooter category.

Upcoming Twitch Streams

Gothalion streams nearly daily! Destiny begining around 8am EST and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel begining around 8pm EST!

How to grow beyond level 20 in Destiny

Growing beyond 20 in Destiny is a tough process. In fact, it takes about 10 times longer to go from level 20-30 as it did from 1-20. Know what you’re doing and the journey can be far less daunting.

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