Face-to-Face with Hand of Fate

“Hand of Fate is a card game that comes to life,” says creative director Morgan Jaffit in a video from the game’s Kickstarter page. “From here, we want you to be part of the process of final design, development, tuning, polish, and final


Moonrise at PAX Prime 2014

At PAX Prime 2014, we had a moment to sit down and demo Moonrise, a new free-to-play, creature collection game from Undead Labs, with Richard Foge, the studio’s Design Director. Moonrise, coming globally to iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices


Secret Ponchos at PAX Prime 2014

What happens when you mix a love for the technical fighting of Soul Caliber 4 and the masterful orchestrations of Spaghetti Western maestro Ennio Morricone? You end up with a unique shooter calling itself Secret Ponchos. Forged in the fires


Bierzerkers at PAX Prime 2014

In Gylfaginning, the world learned that Valhalla was the Great Hall where Viking Warriors go after falling in combat, and that those Warriors were kept busy by endless feasting and sport combat, lest Odin’s army grow restless. Shield Break Studios,


Dreadnought at PAX Prime 2014

The Dreadnought-class ship was once amongst the largest and most feared vessels to patrol the seas. It was a milestone in ship design, technology, and engineering. It was so vastly superior to everything else on the water at the time