Meet Our New Writers

It is our distinct pleasure to announce that OddMass has added four additional Writers and one additional Editor to our staff in our continued efforts to expand our ability to provide quality written content to our readership.

These new members have undergone an extensive multi-stage evaluation process to ensure that the original vision of the site is maintained as we proceed with expansion.  Perhaps most importantly, they bring additional coverage diversity to games and technology that we feel will be beneficial to our growing community.

As indicated when we launched, we put an emphasis on quality written content over daily written content.  We’re not a scoop or tabloid journalism site, playing fast and loose to bring you the latest snippet of information as quickly as possible.  We’ve set out to be a credible, accurate source of information for both the Video Game and Technology industries.  The writing team has been informed that there are no launch-day deadlines, nor are there word count limitations, only an emphasis on complete and concrete information sharing.  It is with these guiding standards that we’re excited to explore future content with our newest members.

Without further ado…

Joshua Bons – Editor

Joshua started gaming in the golden age of DOS and MUDs and hasn’t stopped since.  He is an equal opportunity gamer and does not discriminate based on genre (except horror) or platform but is secretly a card carrying member of the PC Master Race.

Despite a clear lack of maturity he managed to convince the girl he loves to marry him after 15 years of friendship.  These days Josh spends his time playing games and writing about them along with other less fun activities.

Alias2v10 – Writer


Atrus – Writer



Dan Auer – Writer



Austin Burch – Writer



As indicated above, we’re not in the ‘swoop and scoop’ business.  Our emphasis is on quality previews and reviews that supply our readers with accurate and credible information about a game or product, not an inundation of opinion and subjective commentary.  To achieve this goal, we have taken the typical media site approach and reversed it.

If you seek daily content, you’ll be able to find it provided by our Content Creation Team, in the form of Twitch streams and embedded Video.  While currently limited, the daily embedded content generated by the Team will be increasing throughout 2015.

This approach is different than traditional news and review sites, which focus heavily on daily written content with longer cycle releases for video content.

The concept allows for our writers to communicate with the developers and publishers, wait for clarification, and compose with an emphasis on providing substantial and accurate information to the reader.  Additionally, it allows them to have considerable ‘hands on’ time with the game.  ‘Scoop’ sites, in contrast, rely on the limited time between receiving a review copy, and the lifting of an embargo to release a review.  This can result in players who’ve spent considerable time in a game, scratching their heads at comments and ‘insights’ being made from limited exposure.  In short, our ‘slow and steady’ approach keeps us out of the trap of manufacturing content for the sake of getting something out the door, which in turn helps us provide our readers with what we feel is higher quality content.

Each of our writers are currently working on projects, and we’ll be notifying our community via our social media accounts when their compositions are completed.  Be sure to say “Hello!”, either via their social media pages, or on the site as their content goes online!