OddMass aims to establish itself as a respected video game and hardware site, providing news, reviews, videos, streaming content, and other coverage of the industries on a foundation of accurate information and professional integrity.

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Co-Founder, Manager

George DePree

Fortunate enough to grow up in an Intellivision and Commodore 64 household, George has enjoyed games and computer technology for his entire life. Gaming interests over the years have included past Simutronics MUD releases, various AAA MMORPGs, looter shooters, tactical shooters, racing games, sports simulations, strategy (real-time and turn-based), JRPGs, RPGs, and anything else that tickles his fancy.

With a keen interest in due diligence and a passion for accuracy, George approached like-minded Gothalion back in 2013 about creating a site to fit their needs as consumers, a project which eventually became OddMass.

This is the shortest thing he has written on the site.



A family man first, a community leader second and a content creator always, Gothalion is not what you would call a typical YouTuber/Streamer/Caster…. except pretty much every caster would call themselves non-typical. CONTRADICTIONS!

Gothalion first began casting and posting videos in mid 2014 focusing on a platform of community interaction and daily content. Primary genre of interest being the Looter Shooter category.

Our Beliefs

Professional Integrity

Foremost, we aim to be honest and fair to both our users and the companies who comprise the industry. While some content contains opinion, no content will feature grades. We at OddMass feel that grades are detrimental to the review process and that each product is a unique offering meant to stand on its own merits, not to be limited by predefined criteria.

Accurate Information

Credibility is earned through providing consistently accurate information. All efforts will be made to properly fact-check reviews based on available information and due diligence. To the consumer, this will aim to assist in cutting through buzzwords and hype in order to facilitate a purchasing decision. To the industry, this will aim to reduce miscommunication or misrepresentation through clarification and official statements. We are not in a race to provide the news; we have set out to provide the definitive answer.

Ethics And Disclosure

We believe in open and effective communication with companies about reviews and other content, as it facilitates accurate information.

We believe in our mission to provide our visitors with the information they need to make purchasing decisions.

We may have or form personal relationships with employees within the industry. We believe this increases the effectiveness of communication, which in turn elevates the accuracy of information provided.

We respect information embargoes and understand their importance in the industry.

Our site is supported by advertising revenue and affiliate links, but the content is not determined by the advertisers nor our affiliations.

On occasion, reviews may be written with products provided directly by the company for the purpose of review. We steadfastly believe that all products must stand on their own merits, and that it would be a disservice to both the industry and our visitors to fabricate or misrepresent any information about them.